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First in Asia and the World essay

First in Asia and the World essay First in Asia and the World essay First in Asia and the World essayDHL International is one of the leading international express carriers. The company discovered the market segment of combined express services for land and sea in 1969. Eventually, DHL focused on international express delivery. Currently DHL employs more than 300,000 people and targets more than 220 countries with 120,000 destinations. The major market of DHL is Asia, but the company is pursuing a strategy of international expansion. DHL uses local staffing and builds relationships with its customers, customs agents and other stakeholders.The evolution of the market segment led to the creation of competitors in international express delivery. The competitors have advantages in size, pricing and flexibility. Despite DHL reputation and customer loyalty, the company had the worst service provided for the highest price in the past. DHL started improving the quality of its service, reducing prices and growing through acquisitions. In the U.S., DHL acquired Airborne Express with the intention to combine domestic service with existing international offers.Case AnalysisQuestion 1. First mover advantageThere are several advantages of a first mover: the use of positive feedback loops and the ability to lock consumers into the technology, increased brand loyalty, quick increase of sales volume, creation of switching costs for customers and entry barriers for competitors, accumulation of valuable business knowledge (Kozami, 2002). A manufacturing company benefits more from the first mover advantage since it can lock the customers into the technology (which is rarely possible for services) and create switching costs for customers and entry barriers for competitors. The other advantages of first mover apply both to service and manufacturing companies. In general, manufacturing companies benefit more from being first movers, but also experience great risk of losses if their new product fails.Question 2. Global expansion and company focusServic e companies need to develop brand loyalty and to build relationships with customers to a greater extent compared to manufacturing companies. The focus of manufacturing companies is on reducing price, while the focus of service companies is fulfilling the needs of customers in the best way. The obstacles to global expansion of service companies might be the scalability of service and the ability to customize the service to customer needs in different countries.Question 3. DHL staffing International staffing is efficient for DHL since it allows to tailor the service to the local needs and to build more resilient relationships with customers. In the case of international staffing, staff are multilingual and it is easier to work with customers from different destinations. Due to international staffing, DHL also has a larger pool of workforce to select from. However, there exist also cons of international staffing: language barriers, costs of relocation, cultural differences and teambuil ding challenges.Question 4. Faltering in the United States DHL strategy was good for a new market segment, but was not efficient for the competitive market in the United States. The lack of cost optimization and efficiency, excess advertising and the issues of merging two different businesses after the acquisition of Airborne Express were the key causes why DHL was faltering in the U.S (Hill, Jones Shilling, 2014). Furthermore, the U.S. labor market is different compared to Asia: workforce is more expensive and the employees are more fastidious. Other dangers of the first mover position include additional costs for developing a new market, higher risks of failure, the risks associated with technological change, the possibility that customers will switch to competitors and the possibility that the competitors will copy or even improve the first movers business model (Singla, 2008).Conclusions and RecommendationsDHL managed to use first mover advantages to grow the new market segment international express delivery. The company, however, missed the entry of competitors and had to face intensive competition. Furthermore, DHL set high prices and offered poor quality services compared to its competitors. In terms of ethical responsibility, DHL generally demonstrated reasonable approach since it tailored the services to local needs and customized the offers to customer requests. At the same time, there were numerous labor scandals associated with DHL staffing practices and freedom of workers to organize into unions in DHL (Hill, Jones Shilling, 2014). DHL needs to reconsider its policies and to incorporate ethical values and ethical decision-making. The company should focus on improving its staffing practices and optimizing its costs and services. In particular, in the United States DHL should focus on integrating its core advantage international express delivery with local services.

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Course Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Course Work - Essay Example While the differences are that while hormones are produced by the endocrine system in our body neurotransmitters are created at nerve terminals and they need to be triggered by an electrical impulse sent by the brain. Hormones have to be secreted directly into the bloodstream since they can only travel short distances where the neurotransmitters are secreted at the nerve synapse. The hormones can be synthesized artificially outside the body and neurotransmitters have to make inside the body. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure centers which also helps to regulate emotions and movement. It functions to help us see pleasurable things and also attracts us towards them. Drugs like cocaine affect the dopamine in the brain and make it work better and faster so people get addicted to the sensation of being drugged. The association cortex is the cerebral cortex located outside the primary areas of the brain and it is needed to perform essential mental tasks that are more complicated than the detection of dimensions of sensory stimulation. In the animal kingdom, the cerebral cortex is more developed in the humans than any other species since it is absolutely necessary for perceptual activities like recognizing and understanding the differences in objects rather than edges or color. Repeated drug abuse causes damage in the association cortex which tends to signal the brain to produce a ‘happy sensation’ with drug abuse. Most of the time, the people may not be technically addicted to the drug itself however the emotional response that it produces brings pleasure to the body and mind. Since the cortex is damaged by substance abuse, the ‘happy’ sensation is not produced until the drug is taken so it makes the user vulnerable. These responses can be produced by narcotics, he roin and cocaine and alcohol. "We now know that many

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Entrepreneurs Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Entrepreneurs - Coursework Example He is the founder of Hamilton Bradshaw and presently acting there as CEO. The company established in 2004, has several areas of operations like buyout, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investment in the UK ( James Caan is a British-Pakistani entrepreneur and widely known for Dragons’ Den, a TV program of BBC in which he remained a part of judges’ panel from 2007 to 2010. James Caan basically belongs to Pakistan and his real name is Nazim Khan. In a critical point of view, it can be observed that Caan has a personality of diversified characteristics, both positive and negative. In business point of view, Caan possesses almost all those qualities which a good and successful entrepreneur must have. He is quite intelligent and sharp. One of the positive features of his personality is that he wisely knows how to transform the situations for his benefits. During the early phase of his recruitment agency, Caan had no space i n his office at Pall Mall to make any dealings with the clients; therefore, in order to highlight a better image of his company, he prudently preferred the address of an esteemed place to catch the attention of the clients ( At that time the whole meetings with clients were carried out in some restaurants or coffee shops and the clients were told that the company is so busy that they don’t have enough space to deal all the clients in the company’s meeting rooms. For the clients’ easiness, during the same phase, he also changed his name from Nazim Khan to James Caan. This is another example of his smart mind. His autobiography ‘The Real Deal’ reveals several of his sharp moves, showing him as one of the smart, sharp, and reflexive man of UK business world. Mentally, Caan is not very intelligent but also strong. His father had a successful leather goods manufacturing business and was looking for his son to ta ke it over, but Caan was mentally a free person. He was psychologically so strong that he left all that business and decided to venture into quite different fields. Another one of his positive norms is that he does substantial charity to help out the needy people. James Caan Foundation, established in 2006, predominantly works for education of the unprivileged children. During July 2010 when flood hit a huge part of Pakistan, Caan tremendously contributed in the rehabilitation process. With the support of UNICEF, Caan raised ?100,000. Despite of being a dynamic, versatile, and concerned professional, Caan has some flaws. He left his parents when they were looking for his support to take over the family business. This led him to remain estranged from his father for long time. Caan faced a great criticism in 2010, when he offered to buy a baby from a flood affected family of Pakistan (BBC News, 22nd October, 2010). He has also been blamed for tax avoidance with respect to his private equity company i.e. Hamilton Bradshaw. Madam C.J. Walker: Hair-care Entrepreneur Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker, widely famed as Madame CJ Walker, modernized the cosmetics and hair care industry for African American women during the first quarter of 20th century. By revolutionizing the cosmetics industry, she became one of the most impressive and influential African American women during the last and first quarters of the 19th and 20th century respectively. Besides a

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Media on Youth Essay Example for Free

Media on Youth Essay Media, the widest influence known to humans. The powerhouse of civilization. Why do the youth of today praise the photo-shopped bodies of Victoria Secret or Calvin Cline Models? Why do they thrive to keep track of the latest fashion trends that they see within the pages of popular magazines such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan? It’s the type of question that has no real answer, but far too many consequences. The ‘perfect’ body. Browse through the magazines, it’s there. Most teens will do anything to get that stick figure and emphasize on anything. Eating disorders are commonly found in youths. Disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia are mental disorders that force youths not to eat because they believe they are ‘fat’. They then refuse food, vomit food they have eaten or in some cases, use pills to lose the pounds and continue to do so even when they are considered ‘skinny’. They gradually become too thin and frail. Some teenagers become obsessed with working out which is healthy, but not when they workout two to four times a day. Obsessive working out usually allows the patient to build muscle rather than lose weight. In this mental state disorder, they don’t want rock hard abs or strong calfs, they just want to be ‘skinny’. Flip open a magazine, proceed through it and Stop! Whats there? Probably an ad from a designer, or anything subliminal that enters the mindset of a teenager. This promise for beauty and perfection is brainwashing. Fashion this summer is going retro which means the youth will ransack expensive stores looking for the latest trends they saw in that Teen Vogue magazine, or during the commercial break while watching T.V. or maybe even mounted on a giant billboard. If it says â€Å"buy this†, teens will do anything to buy it. Some teens may get into shoplifting or stealing money from their parents to get these items. Money is hard to come by when young and out of work so staying on top of the trends becomes harder to achieve. The youth should learn the value of money which media does not teach. Youth should not obsess over their bodies. With a healthy balanced diet and the right exercise, they can stay in shape and look and feel good. Teenagers don’t need a new wardrobe every week. Buy clothes that is needed at reasonable prices, or look for sales to find bargains. The youth should not buy something because of impulse. Media makes it look so easy to have or get, but in reality it’s tempting youths to be something or someone they’re not. Media is a huge influence but with the right mindset, it can be overcome and taken lightly. Media will always be there, it’s up to the individual to take what they want from these messages within reason.

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The Athenian and American Systems of Government :: essays research papers fc

Athens of ancient Greece had perhaps the most advanced system of government of the ancient world. The system of Athens was called a Democracy. That is, every citizen voted on everything. People have claimed that the United States is also a Democracy. This is not true. The government of the United States is a Constitutional Republic (Every). United States citizens vote for representatives, who then vote on the laws. They themselves are limited by a constitution. Democracy is a flawed government system. The Constitutional Republic is also flawed, however, it is better at safeguarding individual rights, when applied correctly. Therefore, a Constitutional Republic is a better system than a Democracy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Athens was one of the largest Greek city states. (Stockton, 4). It was about one thousand square miles (Stockton, 4). Athens was founded in the 8th century BC (Muller). It was at first ruled by the college of archons. (Muller). After a term of one year, the archons became members of the Council of Elders (Muller). The people had a voice in the popular assembly, the Ekklesia (Muller). However, it did not have real power until 600 BC. By then, it was an established institution of Athens (Muller). It became the central policy making body in the 5th century. There were two main governmental bodies, the Assembly and the Council. (Acropolis). The Assembly was responsible for policy making. (Acropolis) The Council was responsible for administration and implementing the Assembly’s policies. Not everyone could participate in Athenian politics. Slaves, resident aliens, and women were excluded.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The main architect of Athenian law was Solon. It is unknown when Solon was born. He died in 559 BC. (Plutarch). Solon allowed everyone to participate in court (Stockton 19). He created a code of laws based on justice, balance, and good order (Muller). Solon abolished the practice of debt bondage (Muller). Solon created the Council of 400 (Boule), and a court called the Heliaia. (Muller) Solon divided Athenians into classes in accordance with their income (Plutarch). The lowest class, the thetes, was ineligible for election to office (Plutarch). However, they could still come into the assembly and act as jurors (Plutarch). The other classes, from lowest to highest, were zeugits, hippies, and pentakosiomedimnoi (Muller).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Solon’s laws were obscure and ambiguous (Plutarch). The court, therefore, and wide powers of interpretation. This gave a significant amount of power even to the thetes. Before a matter could be submitted to the public for vote, it had to be approved by the Council of 400 (Plutarch).

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DBQ for AP World History

he printing press was transformed by Johann Gutenberg, a German goldsmith, and more than 8 million books were printed in Western Europe between 1456 and 1500. This invention had an effect with the Protestant Reformation. It not only furthered the knowledge of geography, but it also expanded knowledge throughout the countries and whether you were wealthy or poor, printing made books available to the general public.By 1560, many people were either Catholic, Protestant, or mixed (Doc. 5). Non-Catholic Western European Christians were the followers of Luther. Luther’s goal was to stir debate around the issue of indulgences. He believed that is was wrong how the churches would encourage indulgences onto the people. Written in one of the 95 Theses, if people bought indulgences, then they would be â€Å"eternally damned† and because of the printing press, the 95 Theses were known throughout Europe (Doc. 3). Luther would compare criminals to the Popes to get his point across. I n document 4, Luther used the word â€Å"robbers†.Robbers steal and he used this word against the popes. The popes were taking money from the people in exchange of an indulgence. Lucas Cranach, a close friend of Luther, made a woodcut to demonstrate not only the comparison between a pope and Jesus, but also how money was a key factor (Doc. 4). Having a point of view from a Catholic German pope in 1521 could give details and evidence of how indulgences were for the better of the people and not for the pope himself.In 1471, the printing press was not known widely. About thirty years later, the invention spread and along with it was a letter (Doc. 2). Christopher Columbus wrote about his experience of inhabited islands he found in the letter and because of the printing press, his letter spread throughout Western Europe (Doc. 6). He wrote this to keep the king of Spain updated and to let the public know his findings. Columbus was a skilled voyager. He wanted to find new routes an d to bring back goods. In 1489, Martellus, a German, was able to create a world map and Columbus was able to improve the map accurately with his travels.Then almost a hundred years later, Abraham Ortelius, a German, was able to create an accurate world map (Doc. 7). In document 6, it is noted that Columbus was believed to have written most of the letter coming back from America. Having a statement from an eyewitness  boarding Christopher’s vessel between 1492 and 1493 could provide a detailed or accurate description on when he wrote the letter.At first, a scribe would be writing a book by hand from the dictation of a scholar. Then in the mid-1500s, print shops would be built (Doc. 1). Just like the evolving of printing and books, knowledge was expanded and it evolved as well. Isaac Newton was able to use previous knowledge of other scholars to become a mathematician himself. He was able to make the world more understanding by expanding on other philosophers like Galileo (Do c. 10).And other scientific individuals were able to do that as well. For example, Johannes Kepler described how lenses work and was able to create an astronomical telescope. After him, Robert Hooke was able to use a microscope to further his observations (Doc. 10). Everything was wrote down and because of the printing press, things got to be published. Publishers were able to print books in different languages and this expanded the ancient ideas even more (Doc. 8). When the books were open to the general public, the ideas spread quickly on a grand scale (Doc. 9).The printing press helped people understand better. It helped Luther spread his opinions throughout Europe and it resulted in Protestant Reformation. Printing furthered geography and it evolved and expanded knowledge. The printing press was able to write things down permanently for all to see and read; now and then.

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Sports And Sports For Constructive Alternatives - 1011 Words

This March, the Center for Constructive Alternatives series dealt with the topic of Sport and Character. In today’s age, sport and sporting events have become pinnacles of American entertainment, money, and paparazzi. One is inundated with constant updates regarding football scores, feuds between athletes, and controversy over refereeing. With sport being such a focus in media and society, it often seems that sport and character are incompatible. Too often one sees an athlete get caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs, having an affair, or lying and cheating. Sport appears to be just like any other secular and commercial entertainment: decadent, impaired, and ultimately characterless. This month’s Center for Constructive†¦show more content†¦Novak then criticized the current news and sports media of today. Upset at how the media were currently portraying sports, he derided the journalists as â€Å"amateur social scientists.† Instead of tr ying to pigeon-hole sports into some social science or ‘social experiment’, sport should be seen as rituals concerning human survival on this planet: liturgical enactments of animal perfection and the struggles of the human spirit to prevail. As Mr. Novak showcased throughout his lecture, sport captures the struggle of man throughout history. This struggle is personified through the linebacker tackling the halfback, the pitcher recomposing himself after giving up a run, or a runner shaking off cramping as she attempts to complete the marathon. Sports are the human experience. Mr. Schilling’s talk set a tone unlike any other. That night, he presented a striking case for why character is influenced by sport. Drawing on his own personal experiences, Mr. Schilling said that he has come to learn that you can only gain wisdom through experiences. The experiences through sport that Mr. Schilling went through ultimately lead to the formation of the man that he is today. Sport also provides example of and experience with good leadership. Mr. Schilling talked about leadership, noting that while anyone can be a leader, there are very few leaders in the world. Although Mr. Schilling had been present among